Alexis Trevizo


Design and develop an application customers to create more affordable and better localized ad campaigns on demographics and budget.

My role

Designer, Front-End Developer


Ling Zhou

June 2017

How might we...

How might we enable advertisers to reach their target demographics though affordable widespread campaigns?



Direct customer interviews and feedback revealed that customers

  1. 4% of Addy’s new visitors were dropping off during Addy’s selection flow.
  2. Advertisers really liked Addy’s location based solution, but often wanted to target specific demographics within certain locations.

Diving Deeper

Curious to learn more about user drop rates, I decided to conduct my own evaluation of Adverators primary flow.

old flow

Adverator's old flow had many pre-determined parameters that didn't always meet a user's need. The flow also showed important information such as prices and availability at the end of the flow, thus making it very difficult for users to make decisions when finalizing a campaign.

New flow

In the purposed flow, I wanted users to get results faster in order to reduce drop off rates. I also wanted to adjust audience selection experience by letting users choose age demographics along with interests to allow for greater flexibility when creating a targeted ad campaign.

lo-fi wireframes

In addition to updating the flow, I wanted to make a further emphasis on flexibility by making the campaign map the central tool users could interact with. This way they could quickly compare and update the details of their campaign at any time.


The Solution

The new flow allows the platform to be more efficient with the information available to users. This helps users explore and discover new ways of reaching an audience.